Modern Veterinary Care

Modern Veterinary Care

Reasons To Board Your Pet At A Veterinary Clinic

Did you know that some veterinary hospitals feature boarding services for their clients? This means you can actually have your animal housed overnight or for a few nights at a time at an animal doctor's facility, even if the animal is not actively being treated for something. While most boarding services are reserved for pets that have been operated on or who are too

When A Senior Cat Has Stolen Your Heart: Is It Too Risky To Adopt An Older Feline?

When you're looking to adopt a cat, you have a vast number of choices to make, from going to a shelter or using online classifieds to adopting a big, small, young, old, mixed, or pedigreed animal. For a lot of people, adopting an older cat doesn't seem to make sense, because they expect to somehow be short-changed. Ultimately, this isn't an accurate reflection of real

Is Your Cat's 'Talking' To Its Food Cute Or A Bad Sign?

Having a kitty chattering away while it's eating might seem adorable, but it could be masking a potential problem. If your cat has started to meow or growl while it's eating, it might not be a good sign. Here's what you need to know about your cat's chattiness with its food. Possessiveness Do you have other cats, dogs, or members of the family that the cat doesn't lik

3 Things You Must Do Before Bringing A New Pet Into Your Home

Have you been considering getting a pet cat or dog? Do you want to make sure that you are able to provide the very best care for your new furry friend? Whether or not you think of your new pet as an actual member of your family or you are just hoping for a companion, the better you care for your new pet the happier both of you will be. To that end, there are some thin

Three Ways To Get Your Dog's Teeth Brushed

When it comes to brushing a dog's teeth, some people excel at it, while others struggle. Knowing all the ways that you can get it done will potentially help. Here are three methods for getting your dog's teeth brushed so that they don't lose them. Standard Brush One easy way to brush your dog's teeth is to use a standard toothbrush. Obviously, you want to start with a