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Reasons To Board Your Pet At A Veterinary Clinic

Did you know that some veterinary hospitals feature boarding services for their clients? This means you can actually have your animal housed overnight or for a few nights at a time at an animal doctor's facility, even if the animal is not actively being treated for something. While most boarding services are reserved for pets that have been operated on or who are too sick to be left unattended or go home, boarding is still available for pets who just need mild supervision while they are away from their owners.

If you are traveling, having special company over for a while, are doing remodeling on your home, or have other things you are doing that you don't want your pet present for, then consider having your veterinary clinic house the animal for a while. Here are reasons why you should board your pet at a veterinary clinic.

Your pet gets special care

Does your pet have any specific medical needs that require constant care, such as pills to be taken daily, a kidney condition, or other problems that you want to make sure gets checked out properly when you are away from your animal? If so, then consider boarding your pet at your local vet clinic, where the creature can be watched over by a professionals staff. Veterinary assistants and techs, along with the main vet, will ensure your pet is properly cared for.

Your pet gets socialized healthily

If you want your pet to get proper socialization without being exposed to too many other animals, then boarding at a vet clinic over another type of animal boarding facility may be best. A pet boarder is likely going to have a larger amount of animals in their care than a vet might, so your pet can get the socialization they need without feeling overwhelmed. Before boarding your pet at a local vet clinic, check ahead of time to make sure the facility itself is not scheduled to be booked out and ask how full the boarding really is if being crowded is a concern you have for your pet.

You can choose to board your pet at a vet clinic for a day or use an animal hospital for more long-term boarding as needed. Your vet will make sure your pet has all their vaccinations prior to boarding them and will ensure that your pet has all the care they need while they are away from you. These services are charged by the day, or you can arrange a payment price with your vet when you bring your pet in.

Contact local animal hospitals like Berlin Township Animal Hospital to see if they offer boarding services.