Modern Veterinary Care

Modern Veterinary Care

Three Canine Conditions That Require A Stay At The Veterinary Hospital

Americans love their pets, and for most animal owners, their pets are like members of the family. In fact, according to recent statistics, pet owners spend an average of about $125 monthly on their pets. Dogs are the second-most expensive, with an average of just under $140 spent every month. Horses rank number one at over twice that amount. In addition to food, toys,

Keeping Your Dog Safe And Healthy In The Snow: Tips For You

If you are living in an area that has cold and snowy winters, you may find yourself wondering about your dog's safety and well-being during the cold season. When there is snow on the ground, there are many precautions that you can and should take to keep your dog safe and healthy when they are out and about in the snow. Find out some of these precautions you should ta

Can You Adopt A FELV- Or FIV-Infected Cat If You Have Other Cats?

Many human caregivers want to give any cat that they come across an opportunity, especially if that cat has special needs. If you're interested in adopting a cat into your home that's infected with FELV (feline leukemia virus) or FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), the good news is that it's entirely possible to do, even if you have uninfected cats living in you

Ways To Tell Your Dog Needs Dental Care

While you may not know it yet, dogs need dental care much in the same way humans do. Though they might not need to go to the dentist as often as their human counterparts do, dogs do need maintenance care for their teeth as well as treatment when something goes wrong. Get to know some of the ways that you can tell your dog needs dental care. Then, you can get them to a