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Three Ways To Get Your Dog's Teeth Brushed

When it comes to brushing a dog's teeth, some people excel at it, while others struggle. Knowing all the ways that you can get it done will potentially help. Here are three methods for getting your dog's teeth brushed so that they don't lose them.

Standard Brush

One easy way to brush your dog's teeth is to use a standard toothbrush. Obviously, you want to start with a clean one. Standard toothbrushes have some advantages to offer. Most of them have long handles so you can keep your hands and fingers away from your dog's face and potentially out of range of their paws. This will help you to get the job done without getting scratched or bitten. If you choose a standard toothbrush, choose one that's appropriate for the size of your dog's mouth. While your dog can open its mouth very wide, if they're a small dog, you'll need something that can make small circles on your dog's tiny teeth, and that can be more difficult with a large brush.

Finger Brush

Some pet owners like to use a finger toothbrush instead. This is a silicone or rubber sleeve that goes over one of your fingers and can be used to brush your dog's teeth. This is a better choice for smaller dogs. The advantage with this choice is that if your dog is prone to biting you no matter what, you can at least protect your finger and get the job done while they're biting you. Some pet owners also like it because you can hold your dog from behind and brush their teeth that way, further reducing the risk of getting hurt. If you've never brushed your dog's teeth before, buying one of these brushes and a standard brush is a good idea.

Hire a Pro

If you find that you can't get your dog to settle down enough to get its teeth brushed, you still have an option beyond simply letting their teeth go bad. You can choose to have their teeth brushed professionally. Many veterinarian offices now provide not only deep intensive teeth cleanings but lighter standard toothbrushing too. This is for people who can't do it either because their dog won't cooperate or because they have a physical limitation that keeps them from doing it. In any case, the veterinarian will take care of brushing your dog's teeth professionally, keeping you from getting hurt and ensuring that your dog's teeth are clean and their gums are healthy.

Brushing your dog's teeth can be an ordeal. These tips can help to make it easier, or at least provide you with an alternate way of getting it done that won't be as hard on you. Contact your vet for more information on dog care.