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Home During Quarantine? How to Help Your Dog Avoid Separation Anxiety When You Return to Work

If you've been working from home, it's time to get ready to return to work. This is especially important if you have a dog. While you've been working from home, your dog may have gotten used to your company. Your dog may experience some separation anxiety once you go back to work. Here are some tips that will help your dog cope with your return to work. 

Get Back on a Schedule

If you had a regular work schedule before you went into quarantine, get back into that routine. Heading back to work cold-turkey may be a big change for your dog. In fact, your dog may act out during those first few days. You can help your dog adjust to the change by starting your old routine early. That doesn't mean you need to stay away from home all day. You can ease into your routine a little at a time. For instance, start getting up at the normal time and work in a coffee shop or local library for a few hours. Do this every morning until you go back to work. That way, your dogs ready when the new schedule starts. 

Plan a Weekend Away

If your dog has been with you every day during the quarantine, plan a weekend away. If you can't leave for the weekend, send your dog to a canine spa. They can get pampered for the weekend while you prepare them for your return to work. They may have some anxious moments during that initial weekend. If they do, schedule a few more weekends away. The time away will help them get used to the separation from you. 

Stock up on New Toys

If you're worried about how your dog will cope once you go back to work, stock up on some new toys. Don't break them out until you return to work. The new toys will help keep your dogs mind off the separation. Chew toys and food puzzles are an excellent choice for separation anxiety. It's also a good idea to hide a few treats around the house for the first few days after you return to work. Searching the house for treats will take their mind off you. 

Visit the Veterinarian

If your dog is showing signs of separation anxiety, visit your local veterinarian. Your dog may need extra help coping with the separation. If that's the case, your veterinarian can give your dog medication to reduce their distress. Once they're used to the routine, you can ease them off the medication.