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Do Neutered Cats Get Lazy?

It's a common claim that cats that are neutered become lazy or spend all of their time sleeping. For this reason, some people feel that it's better to not get a male cat neutered. If you're trying to find out the truth behind the matter, this simple guide will explain how this misconception is spread and what you can expect from a neutered cat of your own. Reduced Wan

Three Reasons Why Your Cat Needs Grooming Services

Many pet parents treat cats like they're self-sufficient and can take care of all their grooming needs by themselves. Since cats are so fastidious and good at cleaning their fur, it's reasonable for people to think this way. However, the reality is, cats often need a little help in order to stay completely clean and healthy. Here are three reasons why you should consi

How To Put Antibiotic Gel On Your Cat's Eyes (Safely)

When cats have a problem with their eyes that calls for antibiotics, vets often prescribe an antibiotic gel. This product can be a little intimidating for you to use since you have to directly apply it to your cat's eye. The good news is that most pet parents can master this easily if they know how to go about it. Here's how you can apply antibiotic gel to your kitty'

Three Canine Conditions That Require A Stay At The Veterinary Hospital

Americans love their pets, and for most animal owners, their pets are like members of the family. In fact, according to recent statistics, pet owners spend an average of about $125 monthly on their pets. Dogs are the second-most expensive, with an average of just under $140 spent every month. Horses rank number one at over twice that amount. In addition to food, toys,

Keeping Your Dog Safe And Healthy In The Snow: Tips For You

If you are living in an area that has cold and snowy winters, you may find yourself wondering about your dog's safety and well-being during the cold season. When there is snow on the ground, there are many precautions that you can and should take to keep your dog safe and healthy when they are out and about in the snow. Find out some of these precautions you should ta