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Three Potential Reasons That Your Dog Might Scratch Excessively

Most attentive dog owners have the ability to notice when their pet begins to scratch itself excessively. Your dog likely scratches at various times throughout the day, but a scenario in which the animal is dedicating a lot of its time to scratching can be a concern. This is especially true if the pet is concentrating its scratching on one specific area. You should reach out to your local animal clinic and book an appointment at your convenience. During the visit, the veterinarian will look at the area or areas that the dog is scratching and assess the likely reason. Here are three potential reasons that a dog might scratch excessively.


Fleas are a potential cause for this issue, especially if your pet spends a lot of time outdoors or in the company of other dogs that may have fleas. Pet owners can often identify fleas in their pet's fur and on its skin, but you should still plan to visit the vet regardless of whether you suspect that fleas may be the culprit. If the vet notices signs of fleas on your dog, they'll offer help in a number of ways. They'll provide medication that will kill the fleas, as well as suggest some strategies that you can employ at home to get rid of any fleas that may be in the pet's bedding.


Like humans, dogs can suffer from dermatitis. This term describes a general irritation of the skin that can frequently result in itchiness. While humans can try to avoid scratching their affected areas in order to let the skin heal, a dog won't know to stay away from the area. This can mean that it repeatedly scratches at itself and makes the situation worse. Scratching skin that is already irritated can potentially lead to bleeding. Whenever there's an open wound, there's a risk of infection. Your vet can diagnose dermatitis and treat it, as well as deal with any wound that has occurred as a result of the scratching.

Insect Bites

Depending on where you live, your dog might be at risk of insect bites. Even though bites from mosquitoes and blackflies are fairly innocuous, they can cause itchiness that results in your dog scratching itself a lot. A thorough visual assessment of your pet's skin will allow your veterinarian to determine if insect bites are the cause. The vet may recommend a topical product that can ease the itchiness of your pet, as well as offer some suggestions about how you can lower the risk of future insect bites.

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