Modern Veterinary Care


4 Important Services Offered by a Credible Veterinarian

No one wants their beloved pet to get sick, but it's important to have a good veterinarian on hand in case something does happen. A credible vet can provide many services that can help keep your pet healthy and happy. For instance, they can provide routine check-ups and vaccinations, help with behavioral problems, and offer guidance on pet nutrition. Whether you have

Does Your Dog Need An Emergency Vet?

What warrants a trip to the emergency vet—and what doesn't? Your playful pup has a potentially serious injury, isn't acting like themselves, or has obvious symptoms of an illness. Now what? You're not sure if they need emergency vet services or can wait until the next day for an office visit. Take a look at the dos and don'ts to follow after an accident, injury, or&nb

3 Signs of a Bladder Infection in Your Dog

Your dog may encounter issues throughout its lifetime, including getting a bladder infection. You need to watch for issues such as this in your dog, but if you aren't sure of the signs, you may not know that your dog is having these issues. Your dog could be suffering from a bladder infection, and if it goes undetected, it could spread or worsen in your dog and may ev

Signs Your Dog Needs Dental Surgery

Your dog's teeth are important and they need to be cared for in order to keep your dog healthy. Your dog's oral health requires your care. If you aren't taking the time to care for your dog's teeth, your dog could end up with oral issues that may require surgery. Some issues your dog could have include needing a tooth/teeth pulled, removal of tumors in the jaw, the re

Three Potential Reasons That Your Dog Might Scratch Excessively

Most attentive dog owners have the ability to notice when their pet begins to scratch itself excessively. Your dog likely scratches at various times throughout the day, but a scenario in which the animal is dedicating a lot of its time to scratching can be a concern. This is especially true if the pet is concentrating its scratching on one specific area. You should re