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Signs Your Dog Needs Dental Surgery

Your dog's teeth are important and they need to be cared for in order to keep your dog healthy. Your dog's oral health requires your care. If you aren't taking the time to care for your dog's teeth, your dog could end up with oral issues that may require surgery. Some issues your dog could have include needing a tooth/teeth pulled, removal of tumors in the jaw, the re

Three Potential Reasons That Your Dog Might Scratch Excessively

Most attentive dog owners have the ability to notice when their pet begins to scratch itself excessively. Your dog likely scratches at various times throughout the day, but a scenario in which the animal is dedicating a lot of its time to scratching can be a concern. This is especially true if the pet is concentrating its scratching on one specific area. You should re

Signs That Your Dog's Teeth Need A Professional Cleaning

As a responsible dog owner, you should always be assessing your pet's health to look for anything that concerns you. For example, if you were to notice your dog limping, you'd want to contact your local veterinary clinic to seek help over the phone and/or set an appointment to have someone check the dog's legs for injuries. It's important to take the same careful appr

Home During Quarantine? How to Help Your Dog Avoid Separation Anxiety When You Return to Work

If you've been working from home, it's time to get ready to return to work. This is especially important if you have a dog. While you've been working from home, your dog may have gotten used to your company. Your dog may experience some separation anxiety once you go back to work. Here are some tips that will help your dog cope with your return to work.  Get Back

This Is What It Means If Your Cat Has Poop-Shaped Vomit

The dreaded sound of a cat vomiting isn't something that any pet owner wants to hear, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. If you've seen your cat throwing up and are confused to have found something that looks more like a solid piece of poop than vomit, then your cat may have a problem on its paws. Here's what you need to know about this concerning issue. Wh