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Particular Diseases To Watch For In Your Manx Cat

Manx cats are unique creatures. Without a tail, or with just a stub of a tail, they have a somewhat different look than most other cats. The lack of the tail doesn't really affect them physically, but the breed is prone to some other specific health problems. As your Manx cat ages, it's important to be on the lookout for these issues and contact the vet at the first sign of problems.

Rectal Incontinence

Rectal incontinence is a condition in which the cat's ability to control the expulsion of feces becomes compromised. This is generally due to weakening muscles in the rectum, which is usually caused by an impingement on the nerves associated with those muscles. The shortened vertebral column of Manx cats makes this problem more likely.

If you notice your Manx cat defecating outside of the litter box, or if they seem to be "leaking" feces at any point, then they may have rectal incontinence. A vet can take a look, assess the severity of the condition, and in most cases, perform surgery to help restore tone in the rectum.


Megacolon is a condition in which the colon, or large intestine, becomes stretched out and begins holding onto compacted feces. The feces become harder and harder as they sit in the colon, which makes them harder and harder for your cat to pass. Most cats need surgery to relieve this problem. Your cat may also need a high-fiber diet and lots of soft, hydrating foods

Symptoms of megacolon include failure to defecate, meowing in pain, and abdominal distention. If your cat displays these symptoms, seek vet care ASAP. Cats have had their intestines rupture from untreated megacolon, so it’s important to have it treated.

Corneal Dystrophy

Any cat can develop corneal dystrophy, but Manx cats are at a higher risk for this condition than other cats. It's a condition that causes the cornea of the eye, which is the outer layer of the eye, to swell and develop sores. If your cat's eye ever becomes red or starts looking like there is a sore or blister on its surface, seek vet care. Most cats with this condition need eye drops to prevent infections, and some need contact lenses for increased protection.

Manx cats have some wonderful traits. They tend to be friendly and adorable, but they also have some particular health conditions that you need to be on the lookout for throughout their lifetime. For more information about ways to care for your cat, contact a veterinarian in your area.