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Do Neutered Cats Get Lazy?

It's a common claim that cats that are neutered become lazy or spend all of their time sleeping. For this reason, some people feel that it's better to not get a male cat neutered. If you're trying to find out the truth behind the matter, this simple guide will explain how this misconception is spread and what you can expect from a neutered cat of your own.

Reduced Wandering

In a sense, cats who get neutered do spend less energy than those who are intact, but that's actually a good thing.

One of the things that cats do when they're not neutered is wander far and wide. Cats who aren't neutered can detect female cat pheromones from far away and will travel to get to it. Some people think that cats sleep more or spend more time at home when they're neutered because they're lazy, or due to the neutering itself. However, the reality is, the cat is no longer being blindsided by pheromones that make it act out in this way.


You may actually notice your cat is spunkier after being neutered than prior to it. There's a couple reasons for this.

If your cat is small or young, it's likely because they were being picked on by other cats in the neighborhood while they were intact. Intact male cats of any age are considered a threat by other male cats for territory and mating privileges. So your little cat may have been getting chased or even beaten up by older cats, making it tired and unwilling to play at the end of the day.

Alternatively, your cat could have been the one chasing off others and mating with females. This, too, could lead to a more tired cat than one that doesn't engage in chasing and mating.

More Play

Neutered cats actually continue to love physical activity, even if they don't wander off as often on their own. Since they're not wasting all their energy on mating activities, it provides them with more endurance when playing with their owners. You'll quickly find that if you have your cat neutered and find a cat toy that they enjoy, they'll be more than happy to dart all over the house or leap into the air in a frenzy to catch it. Simply engage your cat and they'll be plenty active for you.

Considering that males cats are at risk for getting into fights, being exposed to infectious diseases, or even developing testicular cancer if they're not neutered, there's no good reason to not have your cat neutered. Talk to a veterinarian, such as at Stewartstown Vet Services, and make an appointment for this procedure as soon as possible.