Modern Veterinary Care

Three Reasons Why Your Cat Needs Grooming Services

Many pet parents treat cats like they're self-sufficient and can take care of all their grooming needs by themselves. Since cats are so fastidious and good at cleaning their fur, it's reasonable for people to think this way. However, the reality is, cats often need a little help in order to stay completely clean and healthy. Here are three reasons why you should consider bringing your cat to your vet for grooming on a regular basis.


Cats make a good effort to wash their ears themselves, but when they develop too much wax, help is needed.

Cats can develop excess ear wax for a variety of reasons. Some cats simply produce more than others. In some cases, excessive ear wax can develop as a result of an illness. However, the most common cause is ear mites.

Ear mites irritate a cat's ears, and as a result, they produce more ear wax. Over time, this can cause crusty build-up to form on a cat's ears, often appearing like little black spots. While treating the ear mites is a must, your cat could continue experiencing excessive ear wax discharge for a while, so get them groomed at the first sign of excessive wax.


Another big problem for cats is their own claws. Cats can develop ingrown claws just like dogs can. When the claw curves inward and becomes too long, it can penetrate through the paw pad. This is obviously something that will hurt your cat when it tries to walk, but it can also expose their body to anything and everything that they're walking through. Imagine walking through the litter box with a wound on your foot; it's easy to understand how they could quickly develop an infection.

To prevent this from happening, your cat's claws simply need to be trimmed on a regular basis. If you handle this already, great! But since many pet owners struggle with it, don't be afraid to bring in your cat to a professional.


Lastly, regular grooming can make a big impact on your cat's stomach and digestive system.

Too much cat fur can cause hairballs, but the problems don't stop there. If the fur can't get out, it can become a gastrointestinal obstruction that can actually put your cat's life at risk. Once the situation becomes this severe, intervention from a veterinarian or even veterinary surgeon is necessary.

If that weren't enough, some cats can experience problems out the back end with hair, too. If a bit of hair manages to make it through the digestive tract, it can tangle up fecal matter, making it difficult for your cat to poop. In extreme situations, it's not unheard of for a cat to have a piece of excrement suspended halfway out of its body because it can't move any further because of the hair it's tangled in.

Cats need professional grooming services just like dogs do. If you're not having your cat groomed yet or you're worried that it could have one of the above mentioned problems, get to a professional veterinarian for help.